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The radically human venture capital firm. We back exceptional teams across Europe.

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We are the radically human venture capital firm. We are here to make sure you’re always in good company on the rather bumpy ride of fast-paced growth.

We’re a team that knows scaling. Its many paths and painful pitfalls.

Of course, more money can make a difference. However, being in good company makes all the difference.


You’re a fast growing tech company in Europe. You're at the (relatively) early stages of your journey.

You’re looking to work with like-minded people to build a meaningful company.

Let’s get to know each other. The sooner the better, because let’s be honest, you also value having a relationship well before you need any funding.

We are keen to work with exceptional founders at the early stages of building leading European tech companies.

We are thesis-driven and currently focused on the following themes: Infra-tech | Vertical SaaS | Climate tech | Productive AI & Data | Marketplaces | FrontierTech

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