Gourmey founders team


Today's meat production is unsustainable.

We all know it. The growing global protein demand is skyrocketing and is increasingly challenging planetary sustainability.On the other hand, consumers are increasingly conscious and looking to reduce their footprint, but are not willing to compromise on taste and experience.

Enter Nicolas, Victor, Antoine, and fellow Gourmates; French pioneers in the fascinating world of cultivated meat! Their bold mission is to accelerate the world's transition towards ethical, sustainable and healthy meat by harvesting it from animal cells.Gourmey produces premium cultivated meat just as tasty, succulent and delightful as traditional meat......but minus all the unsustainable elements of today's meat production; fewer climate emissions, significantly less land & water consumed and slaughter-free.

Gourmey's first product, cultivated foie gras, is simply mouth-watering and indistinguishable from traditional foie gras.Tasting it for the first time is truly an eye-opening experience that left us all wanting for more!

Needless to say we are excited to back the Gourmates on their mission to further unlock the potential of cultivated meat.

Let's de-liver!

Investment: Series A
Established: 2019
HQ: Paris, France
CEO: Nicolas Morin-Forest
Keen: Alexander & Charles