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The story

There are an estimated 1 million restaurants in Europe, with the majority of these being small and medium-sized. It would be fair to say that all got into the business of food, not the business of buying software. Yet the restaurant tech landscape offers a lot to chew on. We think too much. A restaurant owner could be paying for separate point-of-sale (PoS) software, reservation tools, scheduling apps, inventory software and so on. Eugh. For the love of food!

So we started to look for solutions in Europe that were end-to-end, easy to implement and use, and most importantly of all, offered value for money to restaurant owners. We waited patiently, spoke to companies and restaurant owners in the space, and eventually, our search brought us to allO.

allO is an end-to-end solution that places ease of use and the customer experience at the heart of everything. So much so, Cancan and Teo built the initial PoS software in the restaurants of their customers for “live feedback”. They guys admit this was brutal but it allowed them to focus on what was critical. In the end, they cooked up a solution that allows an owner to control front-of and back-of house operations, and ultimately help them improve their top and bottom line. We’ll take an extra side of that, please!

Investment: Seed
Cancan Liu
Munich, Germany
Keen: Abdul & Alexander