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Simple taxes

Tax compliance can be a complex and expensive affair. Even more so if you’re a freelancer or small business. In Italy, this is no exception. In fact, not only does Italy have over five million freelancers and solopreneurs, representing a whopping 25% of the working population, but those small businesses find tax compliance overly burdensome.

When Enrico and Vito founded Fiscozen, it was with a (not so) simple mission of eliminating tax bureaucracy for three out of the five million Italian freelancers and SMEs. Their digital tax advisory platform automates the tedious and complex task of tax returns, and electronic invoicing with just a few clicks. But because taxes are deeply personal and complex (did we mention that already?), Fiscozen provides access to tax advisors who can provide real-time answers.

Investment: Series A
Enrico Mattiazzi and Vito Lomele
Milan, Italy
Briehan & Abdul