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Digital timber marketplace

The wood industry is archaic, fragmented, and enormous. In Europe alone, around 47M m3 or €21B of wood is traded intra-market through 35k+ sawmills. The problem is that buyers ordering wood from suppliers often have to go through an opaque network of agents and resellers, using outdated methods like email, fax, and phone.

The team at VonWood has built an easy-to-use timber marketplace that cuts out unnecessary middlemen and spruces up value for both buyers and suppliers. A wood buyer puts in an order, and suppliers have 48 hours to bid with a quote. The buyer then accepts the best quote, and VonWood takes care of the payment, logistics, and contracting.

But VonWood isn’t just about making the wood trade more efficient. It’s also about sustainability and traceability. The wood traded on VonWood is FSC Chain of Custody certified, meaning it can be traced from forest to delivery. And VonWood goes beyond the standard tree re-planting requirement of FSC-graded wood, planting more trees than it trades.

We think this could be a 10-axe.

Investment: Seed
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
David de Jong
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