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Sovereign data platform

The Cleyrop founders have been around the block before. With their deep expertise in data management, who better to build a turnkey, sovereign data platform?

See it like this: many institutions and companies sit on a pile of data without the tools to get value out of it. Imagine you are a hospital and you want to use your data to help solve your biggest challenge: care-capacity planning. You want to make sure you always have enough staff to take care of the patients and that the staff doesn’t get overworked. Great. Where do you start?

The data you need is scattered across systems and highly sensitive (employee and capacity data). You need to email Steve from HR to get the employee data and you don’t even know where the capacity data is stored and in what format. Steve from HR is not just going to email employee data to you given GDPR and privacy concerns. By the way, a one-time excel extract is not going to work because you need fresh data each day. So you need to build a data-pipeline to get the data in daily. Then you need to store this data in a storage that’s secure enough for the sensitivity of the data. Oh and you need a governance solution to control who has access to the data, otherwise Steve is going to kill you (and rightfully so).

You need software to work with the data and actually build the capacity-prediction model. Then you need a visualisation tool to give the output back to HR in a useable format for them to change their capacity planning. So you see the problem: you need a lot of plumbing to even start using data in day to day operations. And you are a hospital, not Microsoft. You don’t have a team of data engineers to build this solution for you.

Or, in VC-speak: you need a turnkey and scalable data platform for the whole data lifecycle. From collection storage, governance, processing, to visualisation. And as a very important ‘by the way’: Cleyrop is a completely sovereign European solution, offering the highest protection.

We backed the Cleyrop team and led their series A funding.

Investment: Series A
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