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Rutger van Engelenhoven


I come from a family of bakers but safe to say my hopes for getting into that business are toast. Venture capital has some interesting parallels though...

In baking, there's The Mother— oh, not your mom, but the starter culture! It's all about nurturing this temperamental mix of yeast and bacteria. Humility is key, because, at the end of the day, it's this Mother who works the real magic, turning your plain old flour and water into gold, or in the baker's case, bread.

I like to try new things. The energy I gain from people fuels me in surprising ways, like when I decided to run a half-marathon without any prior training (not recommended). This energy is also what draws me to startups—the dynamic world where change is the only constant and every day offers something new to discover and learn.

Every startup is a new experiment, and I'm excited to be close to the oven to watch founders perform baking alchemy.

Professional bio
Before Keen, I gained experience in consulting, M&A and my own start up. I have a BSc. Business Administration at Nyenrode Business University and a MSc. Business Information Management at the RSM (Erasmus University).

At Keen I support: Beekeeper, Farewill, Doctify, Crisp, Klima, PlanA, Gourmey and von Wood.