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Briehan Burke

General Partner

A few years ago, I left investment banking with its valuation models and investment decks to join a 5-person startup looking to disrupt the… wait for it… tampon industry.

The opposite of the super corporate environment I was previously in, it was my first real window into how exciting (and sometimes chaotic!) life at a tech startup could be. Imagine this: in my first week alone, I spent time building the company’s first churn and cohort models as well as stuffing piñatas with tampons as part of a marketing scheme! Suffice it to say, I learned firsthand how important it is to take work (but not always ourselves) seriously and just how much hard work it takes to build a great business.

Humbled and inspired by the experience, I’ve since spent time in NYC and now in Amsterdam searching for that next great team of entrepreneurs to back… bonus points if they don’t take themselves too seriously either!

Professional Bio
Previously based in NYC, I was on the investment team at Catalyst Investors, a growth equity firm that backs later stage technology startups. Before starting in venture capital, I was an early employee at Lola, a B2C feminine care products company, and an investment banker in the global industrials group at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. I graduated from Middlebury College with an honors degree in Psychology and while there was also a member of the varsity swim team.

At Keen I support: Bodyguard, Doctify, Fiscozen, Klima, and Plan A.