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You think founders take all the risks? Try standing on a stage to tell a joke, only to hear nothing but silence in return.

I guess it’s debatable whose pay-off is better: the entrepreneur gets a great exit (can also be framed as ‘a chance to change the world’ on LinkedIn) whilst the comedian feels like the most brilliant person who has ever lived in that fleeting moment when an audience laughs. Jury’s still out, but happy to discuss. All jokes aside: start-ups are pretty cool. They actually change and shape our future wants, needs, habits, and behaviours.

Next to doing my little part in creating the future by finding the right entrepreneurs, I do stand-up comedy and the startup world is great inspiration. I also always say I like reading but actually do it way too little, and I box because it’s a great way to legally hit someone.

Professional bio
I started my career as a strategy consultant for BCG, training my analytical thinking and PowerPoint skills. I’ve done internships with Google in Dublin and P&G in Newcastle. My bachelors is from Amsterdam University College, specialising in cognitive neuroscience, and I have a research master's ‘Business in Society’ from the VU and UvA. During my studies, I also completed an ‘arts and research' program at the Rietveld Art Academy.

At Keen I support: Bodyguard, Klima, Lendis, Lucinity, Plan A, Studyportals, and Withlocals.