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Robert Verwaayen

General Partner

I’m now in my early forties and I have discovered a couple of simple things. We're all just pretending to know what we’re doing. Well … ask any expert.

Something else I discovered is that today's reality gives only a small grasp of the future. Sure, I get excited about great looking cohort data and negative net churn metrics. But some hard learned lessons have taught me the limitations of spreadsheet logic. What really makes venture capital so enjoyable: you make a bet on people.

I’m a proud father of two. Life has thrown me a few curveballs. I’m now a champion for neurodiversity. Together with my wife, we support research and help in the community for autism. If there’s any spare time, I enjoy music (anything from J Dilla to Muddy Waters), surfing and the therapeutic effects of cooking complicated Indian dishes.

Professional Bio
I have been a technology investor and strategist for over a decade. I'm proud to represent Keen on the boards of Withlocals, Impraise, Beekeeper, Crisp and Lucinity and have led our investments in Dreamquark and Rescale. Prior to co-founding Keen I was a Principal at Prime Ventures. There, I worked on investments including Layar, eBuddy, Cint, Eutechnyx, Mendix, Takeaway.com and MarkaVIP. Before moving in to venture capital, I was a strategy consultant working for the Monitor Group in their London and New York offices. I started my career as an Analyst at PA Consulting Group in New York. I’m a trustee at several charitable organizations. I have a BSc degree in Business Management from Babson College in the United States.

At Keen I support: Beekeeper, Crisp, Lucinity, and Withlocals.