Alexander Landscape

Alexander Ribbink

General Partner

I like technology because it makes for superior products that solve problems. I really like and admire entrepreneurs because they see further, are stubborn, and take risks.

I know this because prior to a career in technology I worked with products that were solving trivial issues at best and that only won because of wasteful and invasive marketing. So, these days I get excited about talented people driving tech products that are solving real pain points.

I am passionate about modern and contemporary art, culture at large, reading, philanthropy and international relations. Living in Amsterdam but spending a lot of time in Paris and Guethary.

Professional Bio
Over the past 20 years I have gained experience in international marketing, sales, general management and the world of venture capital. Before joining Keen Venture Partners, I was a general partner at Prime Ventures, where I invested in and served as boardmember of Cint, Greetz, Layar, and Bright Computing. Prior to Prime, I was board member and Chief Operating Officer of TomTom, the personal navigation company. I lead the international expansion and I was part of the leadership team that IPO-edthe company. Before my time at TomTom I held a number of senior directors’ positions at MARS Inc. and Unilever NV. I hold an MA degree in Law from the University of Amsterdam and an MBA degree from the Rotterdam School of Management.