Tech we like

We have a vision of the future. We're looking for entrepreneurial minds who will shape this future. Our investment ideas are based on fundamental trends in specific areas of technology. Areas where we can make a real contribution with our experience and network. We continuously explore new tech frontiers and think ahead, together with you.

Smart Building Blocks

Technical building blocks that are laying solid foundations, enable productivity and allow for exciting capabilities to emerge.

Deep dives we're currently exploring:
Search (new search capabilities) | Payroll APIs (flawless payroll) | LLM benchmarking (understanding your model's performance) | AI in manufacturing (zero defect manufacturing) | DevTools2.0 (the modern developer stack) | Continuous code documentation (making the unpleasant efficient)

Accessible Software

Enterprise users want consumer-level simplicity. Consumers expect the power of sophisticated technology at their fingertips. These groups are converging towards software applications that enable the best of both worlds.

Deep dives we're currently exploring:
CFO Automation (work productivity tools) | Construction Tech (modernizing an old-fashioned industry) | Generative AI (automated creation)

Digital Transacting

Consumption habits are changing fast. Only frictionless and digital processes can compete.

Deep dives we're currently exploring:
Climate risk (Parametric and carbon insurance) | Privacy compliance (beyond the cookie trail) | Usage-based pricing (monetize what matters) | Cyber insurance (shielding companies proactively from cyber crime)

How we like to work

Every venture firm promotes their added value activities. We know that. Heck, some even have a talent pool ready to help with the design of your next logo. These are mostly used as a means to propel an investment once the ink has dried on the contracts. But there is life before the deal.

We invest time first, money later. Our approach is to start by sharing our network, experience and capabilities. Well before any investment possibility arises. We believe getting to know each other, gaining trust and proving demonstrable value, are the foundations for a long-term relationship. We hope you agree.

Ultimately, this approach helps both sides gain a higher degree of conviction when the actual opportunity to invest arises. We always stick to our promises, providing a fast and fair investment process. Want to know what to expect? Have a look at our Series A term sheet template here.

Sometimes our conversations are not followed by a capital investment. Time spent with the right people is never a waste. We also learn every day.

When we do invest, we'll make sure that you’re in great company. Because money can sometimes make a difference but being in good company makes all the difference.

That's why we're radically human in everything we do.

Our values

  • Straight talking: We believe in unicorns but not in fairytales
  • Optimists with conviction: `We go all-out for entrepreneurs with the right mentality
  • Open to new perspectives: We are proud to know what we don’t know
  • Pragmatic: We know reality doesn’t align with spreadsheets
  • Fair: We stick to our promises and provide a fast and fair investment process
  • Informal: We value a good relationship as much as a good deal