Farewill bw 2021


Investment: Series B
London, United Kingdom
Dan Garrett


Farewill is transforming the outdated death industry and its expensive, complex processes. Through a blend of smart technology with outstanding customer service, Farewill makes wills, funerals, and estate admin simpler, cheaper, faster, and fairer for its customers.

The Story

Death is hard to want to talk about, let alone get excited about. We were in that camp... that is, until we met Dan and Tom.

From the moment we first spoke with them, we knew they were on to something. Death is inevitable and universal, and the practices surrounding it are awful, confusing, expensive, and haven’t seen innovation for decades. It's tricky and taboo and high-stakes for all involved.

Yet in the face of that, Dan and Tom's passion (yes, you read that right) for changing the death industry was infectious. Their unconventional backgrounds in engineering and design (it’s not every day you meet a CEO that formerly designed cars for McLaren) led them to approach death in a way that was inherently human-centric. In an industry that has been ripping off customers for decades, their team is on a mission to empower consumers to more creatively and affordably embrace the scary concept that is death.

It takes a special set of creative and driven people to properly tackle something as delicate and somber as death. Once we put two and two together and realized this team was the right one to make the change, we were very happily on board.

Til death do us part…