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The Story

At Keen we regularly perform 'thesis sprints' on select topics within tech. One such sprint was on the topic of 'Trusting AI'. As a nascent technology, machine learning introduces new risks and a healthy bit of skepticism. We quickly realized that adoption inertia centered around the robustness and explainability of models. The latter is best known as the classic 'black-box problem' of AI: if you can't explain why a model predicts what it predicts, it's hard to trust it.

So we talked to lots of companies who are trying to tackle the problem from different angles. Then we met Dreamquark founder Nicolas Meric. Not only did Dreamquark's Brain platform feature explainability as a core feature, but he was also articulating a compelling vision to set the standard for responsible usage of machine learning models by banks and insurers.

Their product Brain is simply a powerful automated machine learning platform that allows business analysts to make and deploy models (in live production) by presenting end-users with an intuitive and low-code UI. What's not to like?!

Soon after, Keen joined Dreamquark's Series B investment round, and we now get to travel to Paris more often as a bonus!

Investment: Series B
Paris, France
Nicolas Meric
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