Portolio  0006 Eclecticiq Founders


Investment: Series B
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Joep Gommers


EclecticIQ is a cyber intelligence technology provider that enables large enterprises and governments to run their security and cyber threat programmes. The company's mission is to restore the fight against cyber threat adversaries by focusing customers' resources on the threats relevant to them.

The story

When Joep, one of the founders of EclecticIQ, told us he had been working in cyber security for 17 years, we knew he had an interesting story to tell. His bio said he was just 33 years old! After spending quite some time getting to know the team and seeing its impressive progress, we dived right in.

We saw a young company serving big customers in enterprise and government with a simple and compelling idea. Rather than building defences against a cyber-attack when it happens, gain threat intelligence before it happens.

Leading cyber threat intelligence technology. Fast traction in a world with otherwise long sales cycles. We backed the EclecticIQ team and led their Series B funding.