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High performance computing built for the cloud

The story

With an investor base that reads like a Silicon Valley All-Star list, it took us a while to connect with Rescale founders Joris and Adam. When we finally did catch Joris on Skype, we set out to prove to him that we really had something to offer beyond a cheque. We asked him our “standard” opening question: what’s your biggest headache right now and can we help?

We went to work with Rescale. Soon enough, real recognized real.

We learned about the company’s many happy customers who were thrilled to be running simulations faster. And spending less. All because their favourite modelling software was now enabled to run on the latest available hardware through Rescale’s ScaleX platform.

Many months after that first Skype call, we co-led Rescale’s Series B, convinced they had the talent, technology and the momentum to capture this mega-trend.

Investment: Series B
San Fransisco, US
Joris Poort
Ben & Sara