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The international study choice platform

The Story

We had known Edwin, founder and CEO of StudyPortals, for quite a while. Each time we met our respect grew. Especially for his team’s ability to build a fast growing and self-sustaining business that was largely bootstrapped.

The more we interacted with the team, the more we realised that with a bit of extra capital and help they could capture a very exciting future.

Together with their team, we went back to the drawing board. Moving from a university comparison model to a smart student-university matching model makes the decision of where to study much easier for international students. It also helps universities target for a specific types of students. This is a market that is both enormous and digitally untapped.

A super plan was created and in the process we only grew our excitement. Keen soon became the company’s first institutional investor.

Investment: Series A
Eindhoven, Netherlands
Edwin van Rest
Alexander & Djoni