Portolio  0002 Studyportals Founders


Investment: Series A
Eindhoven, Netherlands
Edwin van Rest


StudyPortals is an online platform focused on making education choice transparent by matching international students with universities that fit best for them on a global scale. Studyportals helps millions of students around the world to explore study programmes and make an informed choice.

The Story

We had known Edwin, founder and CEO of StudyPortals, for quite a while. Each time we met our respect grew. Especially for his team’s ability to build a fast growing and self-sustaining business that was largely bootstrapped.

The more we interacted with the team, the more we realised that with a bit of extra capital and help they could capture a very exciting future.

Together with their team, we went back to the drawing board. Moving from a university comparison model to a smart student-university matching model. Making the decision of where to study, much easier for international students. While helping universities looking for a certain type of student. This is a market that is both enormous and digitally untapped.

A super plan was created and in the process we only grew our excitement. Keen soon became the company’s first institutional investor.