Doctify founders Landscape


The healthcare review platform.

To say that healthcare is a high-stakes and high-trust environment is a massive understatement. In choosing a healthcare provider, you’re quite literally putting your life and wellbeing in someone else’s hands. Yet today, it’s easier to read reviews about a pair of shoes you might buy or the Uber driver that’s giving you a ride than it is about someone who might perform your surgery (?!).

Similarly, today's physicians are in the dark about they level of care they provide and have few tools at their disposal to highlight the quality of their practices and build trust with patients.

All of this never sat well with us.

Luckily, it didn't sit well with co-founders Stephanie and Suman either. These former surgeons-turned-entrepreneurs experienced firsthand the lack of transparency within healthcare and were compelled to do something about it. In 2016, they co-founded Doctify and have been working to ensure that trust and transparency are at the heart of the doctor-patient relationship ever since. A win-win for patients and providers alike ... and a 5-star review from us.

Investment: Series B
Established: 2016
HQ: London, UK
CEO: Stephanie Eltz
Keen: Briehan & Abdul