Plan A founders landscape

Plan A

Investment: Series A
Established: 2017
HQ: Berlin, Germany
CEO: Lubomila Jordanova
Keen: Briehan


Plan A is an automated carbon accounting platform. The company has developed an AI-driven SaaS platform for businesses that collects, processes, and analyzes carbon and ESG data, creates reduction and ESG improvement plans, and automates reporting in line with key regulatory frameworks.

To say that our planet is in trouble is a massive understatement. For businesses and consumers alike, the changes are being severely felt the world over and are increasingly visible.

Less visible? Corporate’s paths to decarbonization and the accompanying financial impact of climate change. Making a sizeable contribution to the global carbon footprint, businesses of all sizes have a big part to play in building a sustainable world. The problem? It’s not always clear where they can turn to for enterprise-ready help.

Enter Lubomila, Nathan, and the incredible team at Plan A. They’ve taken on the herculean task of making corporate sustainability a must-have attribute for any business.

Armed with an advanced data processing approach and a team of international climate scientists, researchers, and emissions experts, we can’t wait to watch them help companies and enable decarbonization at a scientifically impactful scale. A true win-win for the planet and corporates alike.