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Climate action in the palm of your hand.

The climate crisis is the biggest challenge of our lifetime, affecting all 8 billion people around the globe. And we have years, not decades, to rapidly decarbonize. So we need to get as many people involved as fast as possible.

Makes sense, right? Totally. And people want to take climate action!

Except... they don't know how or where to turn.

Outside of the odd tote bag purchase, eye-opening documentary, or bike vs. drive to the office, individuals have nowhere to go for powerful, measurable, and ongoing climate action.

This led us on a search that brought us to Klima: a climate app that makes holistic action easy, effective and accessible for everyone. Their approach packs a powerful planet-saving punch by combining climate literacy, carbon offsetting, emission reduction, and personal advocacy.... all in the palm of your hand. They're a certified B-Corp, hyper transparent, and available world-wide.

We could keep going, but Markus, Jonas, and Andreas have created something so beautiful & compelling that we'll let it speak for itself:

Investment: Series A
Established: 2019
HQ: Berlin, Germany
CEO: Markus Gilles
Keen: Briehan & Djoni