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Flexible car subscriptions that include everything but fuel.

The car industry is one of the largest and most fragmented retail markets in the world. Car purchasing is tedious, with the majority of people buying, leasing or financing their cars offline. With the long term and often costly commitment of car ownership, we’re glad to see FINN open doors and provide easy access to new car subscriptions.

By partnering with some of the industry’s most well known brands, FINN provides you with a catalogue of cars to choose from for an all-inclusive price. The only thing you pay for is the fuel or charging. The price you see in the app or on their website is the price you pay – no need to worry about insurance, roadside assistance, maintenance or any hidden costs. FINN even delivers and picks up the car at the end of your subscription.

Not only do we love the value proposition of FINN for their consumers and business users, we also love the fact that 30% of FINN’s fleet is electric and they offset emissions of their entire vehicle portfolio.

Max-Josef, Max, Andreas, Nikolai and Maximilian have put together an incredible team and we couldn’t be more excited to be backing them.

Investment: Series B
Established: 2019
HQ: Munich, Germany
CEO: Max-Josef Meier

Keen: Alexander & Abdul