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The people enablement platform.

The story

“Stop nagging man” one of us overheard a software developer say to her colleague in an elevator, “or I will give you a bad Impraise” she jokingly continued. We had heard about Impraise before, but moments like these make an investor take note.

When we met the founder, Bas, we heard his compelling vision: to fix something utterly broken in most companies -- the cumbersome feedback and performance review process. We fully agreed. In agile companies, employees should have 360 feedback frequently to improve their professional development.

Performance appraisals were no longer a necessary evil. With Impraise’s platform, customers were now driving real business outcomes by enabling their best assets. People. A subject close to Keen’s heart.

A market in real need of a solution. A product vastly superior to the status quo. And a hungry team ready to deliver. We led Impraise’s Series A investment round.

Investment: Series A
Established: 2014
HQ: Amsterdam, Netherlands
CEO: Bas Kohnke
Keen: Robert Verwaayen