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Investment: Series C
Established: 2012
HQ: Ghent, Belgium
CEO: Jeroen De Wit
Keen: Alexander


Teamleader develops project management and invoicing tools intended to help SME businesses to work smartly. The company's integrated platform helps in CRM, sales, project management, calendar, time tracking, invoicing, ticketing and VoIP, enabling clients to save time and grow revenue.

The story

When we met a bunch of energetic Belgians in dark, snowy Helsinki at SLUSH, we suspected something was cooking. A young and driven CEO with a design school university education had set out to solve his own problem - to build business software so easy to use, that you don’t need a manual.

From lead to cash in one easy workflow.

Large enterprises are well-served by software incumbents. However, SMEs in Europe have long been deprived of the latest software advances, turning to Excel and even pen and paper for core business tasks. When they look for software solutions, they often find it’s too complex and expensive.

Teamleader offers an all-in-one software service for SMEs. It brings together CRM, invoicing and project planning in one easy-to-use integrated tool. This saves SMEs time, costs and big headaches.

The company’s mission to elegantly craft simple business tools for Europe's 23 million SMEs created the perfect triangle. Founder, product and market fit in harmony. No wonder they were so cheerful on a dark, cold night in Helsinki. We co-led the company’s Series C investment round.