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Bits of Stock

Stock rewards for brand loyalty

Customer loyalty is big business and brands spend billions on the topic. In fact, companies spent €126 billion in 2019 on direct brand loyalty and customer relationship management. Most of that is spent on traditional loyalty points or cashback that the customer doesn’t take full advantage of or find useful.

Enter Bits of Stock, the stock reward app, driving brand loyalty through stock ownership and making consumers owners. It’s as easy as users linking their payment card in the app and shopping at their favourite brands. In doing so, they earn fractional shares and crypto as a reward for their business and the whole brand-customer relationship is just that bit better.

On the consumer side, Bits of Stock counts 60 public and private brands and on the B2B side, the Bits of Stock Growth Rewards API will allow brands to offer their own stock loyalty programme, and fintechs to support embedded finance and rewards-as-a-service use cases.

We can get nerdy and say a lot more about the empirical evidence of user spending increase with stock rewards but we’ll stop here and say we’re excited to be teaming up with Arash and Ryan on this journey!

Investment: Seed
HQ: Amsterdam, Netherlands
CEO: Arash Asady
Alexander, Abdul