Bodyguard landscape portrait


Keeping the internet safe from online hate.

The unfortunate side effect of the internet is online hate and toxicity, and it’s on the rise. Luckily, Charles Cohen, founder of, was not just going to let this happen. Starting when he was just 21, Charles built unique technology that makes the internet a little bit more tolerable.

Bodyguard initially developed a free app to protect individuals from hateful comments across twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and more. Today, Bodyguard also helps businesses keep their communities safe. And they’re doing great. Companies across media, entertainment, gaming, and sports already successfully use and rely on Bodyguard.

The magic of Bodyguard? The software is able to detect and moderate toxicity in real-time while taking the context of a comment into account. It will understand the difference between “You’re fucking stupid” and “You’re fucking beautiful”.

To date, the Company has protected more than 700 million people worldwide from threats, racism, misogyny, LGBTQI+phobia, sexual harassment, and “polluting” content.

Pretty fucking amazing. And why we invested.

Investment: Series A
Established: 2018
HQ: Nice, France
CEO: Charles Cohen
Keen: Ben, Briehan, & Djoni