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Steven Schuurman


We work with best-in-class technology professionals to support your ambitions. We're proud to have Steven support us and the teams we back, on the challenges of scaling.

Steven Schuurman is an experienced serial entrepreneur. Steven was one a co-founders of Elastic, serving as CEO for the first five years of the company. He is now part of Elastic’ Board of Directors. Before Elastic, Steven was CEO of Orange11, which was acquired by Trifork A/S (TRIFOR.CO) in 2012. Prior to Orange11, Steven co-founded the internationally renowned open source software vendor SpringSource, one of the most successful open source companies in history. SpringSource is the world’s leading Enterprise Java middleware company, and was acquired by VMware (VMW) in 2009. Steven has in his spare time set up FutureNL a foundation with a mission to help all Dutch primary school students receive digital literacy in their daily curriculum.