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Jack Wang


When I was 15 I coded a lot of scripts for my favourite video games. Graphics technology back then meant character models were rendered with huge polygon blocks. I fell in love with tech during my attempts of overclocking my Pentium 2 without causing an electrical fire.

I soon realised tech went well beyond code - it took talented people working together to develop innovative products and early adopters to champion them. Venture capital is my way of contributing to these amazing people. I still play my fair share of video games, now on my gaming laptop with (much) better graphics. I also love travelling Europe - to explore new cultures and more importantly, delicious and different foods.

Professional Bio
I joined Keen Venture Partners as an associate after completing my MBA at London Business School in 2018. Previously, I was a financial analyst at Amazon in Seattle and led investment analysis and financial planning for Amazon’s new retail ventures. I also have over 5 years of tech experience in software engineering and product management from Australian banking, where I developed algorithmic trading platforms for Macquarie Group. In addition to my MBA, I hold a BEng in Bioinformatics Hons and BComm in Finance from the University of New South Wales, Australia.